The Big Dreamer

Be the Change You want to see in the World

I am no poet… but i do occasionally rhyme

on May 8, 2013

The way I used to love you … was in a way unreal

I gave you all of me

all my hopes and all my dreams

You went along played your role… and maybe even cared for a while

But you wanted more,

I simply wasn’t good enough, Story Of My Life

It wasn’t long before you grew tired of this caring heart

…….. And just like that you were gone :/

But now the question goes as this:

Can I do this again? Put myself out there and break down my walls

for another sad and sorry end

We all know the answer, My heart is in a Cage

The only part of me someone new will get,

is insecurity, low self esteem and Rage!!!!

I feel sorry for him though, he should just forget about me and leave

But i feel more sorry for myself,

for my heart will never again be worn so foolishly on my sleeve

Lesson Learnt .. Hip Hoorah

They’re all gonna walk out one day,

Seems like somethings wrong with me….cant get anyone to stay

Maybe,  I’m just Born to live in dismay………


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