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I Still Think About You


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Though a huge part of our largely-silent, post-dating acquaintanceship is based on the idea that neither of us have any interest in the other — that whatever happened between us is something entirely left in the past to wither and rot — I still think of you. I am not sure if that makes me the weak one in the equation (though I’m alright with it if I am), it’s just that the silence that is expected after separations seems too simple and, to be honest, too cruel. It’s as though a breakup of any kind means that whatever existed before is now somehow erased from the mutual history of both partners, never to be acknowledged again — and that just feels ridiculous.

And saying that I miss you wouldn’t quite be the right term, either, though I know that admitting you still think of someone you used to love…

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The day I realised that I was a Bitch

Not Babe In Total Control of Herself….not that ! But an actual bitch.

I’ve always thought that it was others who were mean and insensitive and I was always surely misunderstood. But lately I’ve been doing some thinking, since someone I realise I trust (only because I know they’re not biased in any way or full of complete shit)and whose opinion actually matters to me, pointed out that she thought I was mean. At first, I thought she was kidding, I mean, how could I be mean. I always made sure to be nice to those who i thought was having a bad day or a rough time, the poor and the disabled. I’M NICE. So i continued joking… “yeah right, Im nice to you”  was my great rebuttal. (Lame right)

Anyway since then i did some digging, on me and my persona. I have lately come to realise that although i be nice to people who i think need it and i have an incredibly soft spot for the poor and disabled, I either, be sarcastic to my friends (i call this humor) or don’t show them the nice sides of my personality. So in conclusion, I SUCK!

Because on the outside I seem like a cold and frigid bitch who makes sarcastic jokes and doesn’t like to talk to people unneccesarily.

The worst part is..I cant help it, its just who i am. So for all those i have hurt with my aloofness and distance, Im Sorry 😦

Btw…. Anyone else have this problem, Im curious to know how you deal with it.

Also I wonder if this may be an INFJ thing… let me know if you agree.

I think i should note though, that while people may think i’m mean from afar, when they get to know me they always realise that Im the complete opposite 😀

Thanks for listening… Bye 🙂


Say a Little Something about Yourself

Don’t we all!!! :/
The tenants of my apartment thought it would have been a good idea to get to know each other… and I had to sit in literally a circle of strangers and “talk” … Naturally i just stared and smiled when necessary 😀 LOL

INFJoe Cartoons

I dread this.


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