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Introvert is the new black

on March 9, 2014

I for one, am completely fed up of the internet’s obsession with being introverted. There are a gazillion list out there about “10 signs about being an introvert” “how to understand introverts” OR “What extraverts need to understand about introverts”. Does anyone out here really care. While i dont find anything wrong with realizing that you are either introverted or extraverted, i do find something wrong when people obsess over it and act as if they are God’s gift to humanity because of their introversion. It may not be on purpose but it comes across like you think introversion makes you more mature or more sophisticated or even more special. We are all special in different way, but we shouldnt let this one thing define us. Dwelling on this one part of our personality and why it makes us “awesome” has made us a little self centered and narcissist. Yes it’s nice to know what understand parts of ourselves, but it’s not nice to use that to make us feel that we are in some way more special or better than others.

PS. As I said, there’s nothing wrong with identifying with the term introvert ( I myself, am an introvert) but thats not all I am and thats not all you are

Anyways…Peace Love and Pizza 🙂


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