The Big Dreamer

Be the Change You want to see in the World

Stranger on the Greens

I feel as though you’re what I’ve been searching for

Those eyes send to me, messages from your sub-conscience

Telling me,

that you speak the language of my soul

But I may never know you

A pinch of courage and a dash of confidence

is all that is needed

From me, as well as from you

For your eyes tell me, that you feel this way too

That you yearn to know the identity behind my smile

and to render yourself to the passion that ignites…..

when our eyes do happen to meet

That brief moment turns into an eternity of longing stares

Longing to know you…..longing to know me

All we need is a dash of courage and a pinch of confidence

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Battle of the Heart

I want someone to share my dreams

Someone whose eyes can see right through me,

Someone who would notice the things that bring me sorrow and joy,

Someone who can see the real me,

though out all the noise.

Because the real me,

she’s really scared.

She thinks no one out here really cares

Sad thing is,

they prove her right everyday.

For where are the ones who promised to stay?

Where are the ones who promised to stand by me?

The ones who promised to always be there?

Did they grow tired and decide not the stay?

Or was it just me….that pushed them away

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Unfinished Business……..

You have surpassed them all


have reached into the depths of me,

invaded my heart

and caressed my soul.

You spoke unto me and soothed my being,

with a connection so powerful,

that a part of me will be

Forever yours.

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