The Big Dreamer

Be the Change You want to see in the World

The things I wish I understood

on October 8, 2015

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I know it well

But for what reason

I can never tell

I’m usually quite happy

On the surface …yeah I am

But this sorrow brews inside me

Waiting for its time

Like lava it erupts from deep within

And rises high above

Taking away my passion and zeal

For everything that I love

Rising higher and higher

Until it bubbles in my throat

I cannot speak

I cannot scream

I can only write these notes :/

Dearest sorrow

You cling to me like paper stuck to my shoe

Tell me why you’re here

Tell what you want

Tell me what can i do

What is it that I lack…that draws us to each other?

Wont you please tell me old friend?

Let me be joyous once again


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