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Book review: Almost by Anne Eliot

I found this book to be such an easy read. I loved the descriptiveness of the author’s writing and the characters were extremely well developed. The chemistry between Jess and Gray was fantastic and the love that bloomed between them was realistic, seemingly unconditional and sweet.

Personally, i like characters that seem to have a few flaws and even though there are some that might disagree, I found the many masks of Jess refreshing from the usual girls that most books portray.
Most might find the author was too descriptive with regards to the characters expressing their emotions, but one has to remember that even though this is not said, the implication is that, THIS IS A STORY OF FIRST LOVE so feelings would be intense and scary and this book did a wonderful job of transferring those feelings to the readers.

When reading this book, I got butterflies, I blushed and I was reminded of what it was like to be falling in love for the FIRST TIME!!! Gray was corny but who wasn’t at 17… it was cute 🙂

The plot was also well thought out and the concept of a fake boyfriend proved to be extremely interesting. Even though it was inevitable and obvious that a feelings would develop from this deal, the story along the way to the point of a relationship was WORTH IT!

One flaw, (well not flaw) but improvement to the book would have been the conclusion of Jess’s nightmares not being resolved as easily and as quick after realizing the truth as it did.

The Love Story of Jess Jordan and Gray Porter is one of the best I’ve read for the year, and I have read a lot.

Fave line: “God, I wish I could see your face when I ask you this question.
Here goes: Is there a chance you could love me? Even a little?
Because I do – love you.”

Aaaahhh i could have died!!!

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